Firefighter Vocabulary Test [Free PDF and Video]

firefighter vocabulary test

So here you are, cruising through your civil service exam, and you come upon the firefighter vocabulary test/reading comprehension portion of the exam. You think you’ve got momentum, but nothing kills momentum quite like a long boring reading passage that you have to read, re-read and read again to make sure you understand it. Wasting … Read more

Training for the CPAT? Start here.

Training for CPAT

Becoming a firefighter is perhaps one of the most rewarding careers that anybody can have, and training for the CPAT will be one of your first steps on the journey.  It’s a profession that’s all about helping others. Whether you’re saving people trapped in a burning wreckage or extinguishing fire from a commercial building, the … Read more

How To Prepare For The Civil Service Exam

civil service exam

How To Prepare For The Civil Service Exam At some point in your career you’ll probably be required to prepare for the civil service exam, and if you’re like most firefighters, you dread taking tests!  Especially if the tests involve any kind of math or serious critical thinking. We understand, test taking can be stressful, … Read more

What To Expect On The Firefighter Mechanical Aptitude Test

mechanical aptitude test

If you’re the type that’s mechanically inclined, you should have no issue with the firefighter mechanical aptitude test.  But, what if that’s not really your strength?  Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be mechanically savvy to be a top firefighter candidate. So, if your mechanical skills aren’t that great how are you … Read more

How To Tackle The Firefighter Math Test

firefighter math test

Why the need for a firefighter math test? Unfortunately, to become a firefighter you’re going to have to take some tests, and undoubtedly you will eventually come across some math questions, and if you struggle with the firefighter math test on your written exam…you’re not alone! The math section is without a doubt the biggest … Read more

The Firefighter Hiring Process

firefighter hiring process

Firefighting is a job that requires a diverse set of skills, and the firefighter hiring process can be long, frustrating and costly. If you’ve had the experience of going through the firefighter hiring process more than once and still haven’t been hired, you know exactly what I mean. If you’re new to firefighting, it’s important … Read more