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If you’re like most firefighter candidates you’ve struggled during your firefighter interview. We understand, it’s stressful!  “What do you say?”  “What do you wear?” And more importantly, “What do THEY want to hear?” Are questions we get all the time.

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You’ve probably tried talking to other firefighters to see what they did to prepare, or maybe you’ve even bought a book or program on how to prepare for the interview? But somehow you seem to keep getting passed over for the job, and can’t figure out why! But don’t worry, we have video based training made specifically for you to walk you through every part of the interview AND exactly what to say to make yourself unique and memorable to the interview panel.


Just wanted to let you know that reading and studying your material helped me out immensely.  I start my first shift as a full-time Firefighter/ AEMT in the morning!

Rodger L.

We understand that you don’t have tons of money to spend on an online course, trust us we didn’t either! Other courses and coaching can go for $200-$500 per hour!

But for $89 you can get the step-by-step blueprint proven to get countless candidates hired. And if that’s still too much you can choose from two of our other packages the “Recruit” or the “Lieutenant”. After you learn how to master the firefighter interview you’ll never need to stress over another interview again!

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The "Recruit" Package good!

Mastering The Firefighter Interview…just the Ebook!

Getting ready for your firefighter oral interview?

Learn the skills and strategies that have been used by hundreds of candidates who have successfully navigated the interview and been hired!

In this book you’ll learn exactly…

  • What to expect..
  • Questions you’ll be asked..
  • How to prepare..
  • Exactly what to say..
  • How to end the interview..
  • How to follow up..
  • What to do if you don’t get hired..

…and more!

Whether you’re completely new to the fire service and this is your first interview or you are a veteran going for a lateral transfer, you need this guide!

Quit wasting time, money and energy trying to figure what the interview panel wants to hear.

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The "Lieutenant" Package better!

Mastering The Firefighter Interview EbookWORKSHEETS AND DOWNLOADS

If you’re serious about becoming a firefighter, the Lieutenant Package is for you.

The Lieutenant Package includes the Mastering The Firefighter Interview book along with 7 additional bonus downloads!

Included in the downloads…

7 questions to ask the interview panel-  Struggling to find questions to ask the interview panel?  Steal this list of questions and use them in your next interview!

The 20 Questions Worksheet-  Use this list of the 20 most commonly asked questions during the interview.  Each question comes with guidelines on how to craft your own unique answers to help you stand out from the crowd!

The Personal Portfolio and Resume Template-  This is the exact template so many others have used to create their personal portfolio and resume!

The official list of 51 practice questions-  Use this list of interview questions while preparing!

The Pre-Interview Checklist-  Use this checklist to make sure you’re ready when the big day comes!

The Day 1 Checklist-  Once you’re hired, use this checklist to make sure you make a great first impression on your first shift!


The Basic Fitness for Firefighters Workout Guide-  Being physically fit is so important to your success as a firefighter.  Use this 8 week guide to stay fit before and after you’ve been hired!

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The "Chief" Package best!

Mastering The Firefighter Interview Ebook + WORKSHEETS AND DOWNLOADS + VIDEO TRAINING

This is for those who are truly committed to becoming a career firefighter!

The Chief Package includes everything you get in both the Recruit and Lieutenant Packages, but also includes access to your own personal video training library.

These training videos will literally tell you exactly what to expect and how to successfully navigate the interview to get you hired.

Included in the video library…

The FAQ Guide– This video takes 10 of the most common questions asked by firefighter candidates and covers them in detail.

The Pre-Interview– This video covers everything you need to know before you sit down in front of the panel; it covers how to prepare, what to wear and how to act to ensure you get hired!

The ‘Who’ Questions– Without a doubt you will receive questions like ‘So, tell us about yourself.’  This video goes over everything you need to know when answering ‘who’ questions.

The ‘Why’ Questions‘So, tell us, why do you want to be a firefighter?’  I can almost guarantee that you will be asked this or something like it.  Use this video to create answers to all of the ‘why’ questions that are unique and memorable to the panel!

The ‘What’ Questions– What these questions are really asking is what skills and knowledge do you have that makes us want to hire you?  Use this video to ensure you’re prepared to answer these questions.

The ‘How’ Questions– The dreaded situational questions!  How you would react in any number of stressful situations is what they’re trying to determine.  Learn exactly what the panel wants to hear from you in this video.

Ending the Interview– Nothing kills a great interview quite like a terrible ending.  This video covers exactly what you need to know to make sure you leave the panel wanting to hire you!

AND…a bonus video!

The Polygraph– If you’ve never had a polygraph, better known as a ‘lie detector test,’ consider yourself lucky.  It can often be confusing and stressful, leaving you wondering if you have any chance of getting hired!  Use this video to get an idea of what you’re walking into, and how to handle it the best way possible.

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