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The FirefighterNOW Top Candidate Program

Sick of wasting months and years applying to departments only to get turned down??

Let’s be honest, most candidates don’t get hired.  Not because they’re not capable, but they get beaten by the long grueling process of tests, background checks, interviews and more.

Becoming a career firefighter is one of the most difficult, competitive and coveted careers today.

We know what it feels like to take test after test, have interview after interview; only to keep being turned away from a chance at your dream job.

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The FirefighterNOW Top Candidate Program. 

You’re guide to navigating the long and difficult process of becoming a career firefighter.

Step 1:  The Firefighter Classroom

Work your way through each of the videos and worksheets in the Firefighter Classroom.  The subjects covered in the classroom are:

  • Firefighter Math
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Mechanical Reasoning
  • Word Problems
  • Geometry
  • …and more!

Step 2:  Master the Firefighter Interview

Get a digital copy of our best-selling book Mastering the Firefighter Interview.  Included with this is an entire video series walking you through every step of the firefighter interview.

Everything from how to prepare, what to wear, what to say and how to close is covered in these videos.

Also included is a series of special bonus downloads.  These include:

  • 7 Questions To Ask The Panel
  • The 20 Questions Worksheet
  • The Personal Portfolio and Resume Template
  • The Official list of 51 Practice Questions
  • The Pre-Interview Checklist
  • Your First Day on the Job Checklist

Step 3:  Your Coaching Session and Mock Interview

Spend an entire hour talking with one of our interview coaches.  Whether it be on the phone or through Skype.  Take this time to practice and perfect any answers or questions you may have!

Don’t forget about the bonuses…


Bonus 1:  Basic Fitness for Firefighters

It goes without saying that if you want to be a top candidate you MUST be physically fit.  Overweight and out of shape need not apply!

Included in the Top Candidate Program is the FirefighterNOW Basic Fitness for Firefighters program.

A simple 8 week guide to get and stay fit before and after you’ve been hired.

Bonus 2:  The Polygraph Video

If you’ve never had a polygraph, better known as a “lie detector test,” consider yourself lucky. 

It can often be confusing and stressful, leaving you wondering if you have any chance of getting hired!  Use this video to get an idea of what you’re walking into, and how to handle it the best way possible.

Not every department requires a polygraph, but if yours does you’ll want to watch this video first!

Imagine having the skills, knowledge and confidence to know that any test or interview you walk into you’ll have no problem becoming one of the top candidates for that department.

You don’t have to continue getting the dreaded rejection letter in the mail.

You can be in the top 1% of firefighter candidates.

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