The 5 Best Multi Tools for Firefighters

multi tool for firefighters

What is the best multi tool for firefighters and EMTs? Multi tools are very handy gadgets to have on you. This is true whether you work as a firefighter, EMT or simply like having a versatile tool on hand at all times. In the case of a firefighter, a multi tool is particularly important because … Read more

5 Great Watches for EMTs and Firefighters

watches for emts

The 5 best watches for EMTs and firefighters…written by EMTs and firefighters As an EMT, paramedic or firefighter your main role is to rescue or offer healthcare to the sick and injured in an emergency setting. But to provide quick and competent care, there are several medical supplies you can’t do without- trauma shears, stethoscopes, … Read more

The 6 Best Boots For Firefighters

best boots for firefighters

So, what are the best boots for firefighters? From getting crushed by falling objects, climbing through rough terrain, and falling on slippery hazards, all the way to enduring extremely hot or cold conditions, walking on molten metals, as well as frequent exposure to sharp objects with puncture risks, a firefighter’s job is riddled with life-threatening … Read more