Confined Space 101: A Simple Guide For Rescuers

confined space rescue

Many workers and fireman in the US will deal with confined space rescue as part of their profession. The majority of the time, these trained individuals will be able to perform their duties with ease and no risk to their life and safety. Provided they have the right training for the role, they will know … Read more

Dalmatians & The Fire Service: An Iconic Dog

dalmatians in the fire service

Dalmatians and the fire service have always been associated with one another, and this beloved spotted dog has become a popular mascot at fire stations across the country. In fact, the public has now come to expect each fire station to have its own dog. While some stations will take on other breeds, the Dalmatian … Read more

Fire Department Bugles: A Simple Guide

fire department bugle

If you’ve ever seen a firefighters badge you may have noticed what looks like bugles, but what is the history and meaning behind fire department bugles? Every fire crew member has a defined place within the service as part of a strong hierarchy. Each rank has its own badge with different symbols. If you are … Read more

Can I Be A Firefighter With Diabetes?

can i be a firefighter with diabetes?

Many aspiring firefighters ask whether or not they can be a firefighter with diabetes, as there are millions of Americans living with diabetes in some form Many do so with such ease and control that you wouldn’t know it until they bring out their blood sugar testing kit. There should be no reason why anyone … Read more

Can I Be A Firefighter With Depression?

can i be a firefighter with depression?

Millions of Americans deal with depression in some form or another, but can you be a firefighter with depression?  It’s a good question, and more common than you may realize. Some suffer from seasonal depression or have mild bouts that are well under control. Others have deeper issues with chronic depression, bipolar or PTSD. So, … Read more

Can I Be A Firefighter And Be Deaf?

can i be a firefighter and be deaf?

I received an email the other day from a candidate asking if he can be a firefighter and be deaf or hard of hearing.  It was the first time I had ever received a question like that, so I thought it’d be a good topic to write about. So, can I be a firefighter and … Read more

Can You Be A Firefighter With Anxiety or ADHD?

can you be a firefighter with anxiety or ADHD?

Mental health is so important in the fire service.  Can you be a firefighter with anxiety or ADHD is a questions I’ve heard several times. Many of us will experience anxiety at some point when faced with stressful situations. However, for many, it is a constant struggle that requires medical support. It is possible to … Read more

Can I Be A Firefighter With Glasses?

can i be a firefighter with glasses?

Last week I received an email from an aspiring firefighter asking me, “can I be a firefighter with glasses?“ When you take your first physical with the fire service, you will soon become aware of the very high standards that the fire service has set for their personnel. This is clear in everything from strength … Read more