Firefighter Vocabulary Test [Free PDF and Video]

So here you are, cruising through your civil service exam, and you come upon the firefighter vocabulary test/reading comprehension portion of the exam.

You think you’ve got momentum, but nothing kills momentum quite like a long boring reading passage that you have to read, re-read and read again to make sure you understand it.

Wasting time during the exam can absolutely kill your score.

So, what kind of questions can I expect on a firefighter vocabulary test?

Great question.

While every test is different you can generally expect to get a few different types of questions.

The first of this is just general reading comprehension. This means they will give you a written passage (of varying lengths) that you must read through and then answer questions.

These passages can vary greatly in difficulty and complexity. Generally, these questions tend to give candidates the most trouble during this portion of the test.

Other question types you can expect are questions that ask you to identify a synonym (similar) or antonym (opposite) of a given word.

Here’s an example:

The test may ask you to identify a synonym for the word “joyful.” Then they will give you a list of words for you to choose the word that is the most similar.

Let’s say the list of words are…

A. Happy
B. Sad
C. Angry
D. Tired

The correct answer would be A, happy.

Now obviously this is an overly simple question meant to illustrate an example, but you get the point.

In this video, we go over some basic concepts to help you read a passage quickly while remembering the information that you need to know to answer the questions correctly.

The expression slow is smooth and smooth is fast definitely applies to the firefighter vocabulary test.

Check out the video below…

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