How To Prepare For The Civil Service Exam

How To Prepare For The Civil Service Exam

At some point in your career you’ll probably be required to prepare for the civil service exam, and if you’re like most firefighters, you dread taking tests!  Especially if the tests involve any kind of math or serious critical thinking. We understand, test taking can be stressful, confusing and draining!

You’ve probably tried reading review books, or maybe even paid for a subscription to a test prep website, but somehow you can’t seem to improve your score.  What you need is a teacher…someone to show you how to work through any problem you’ll come across. Fortunately for you we’ve developed the only interactive video based tutoring specifically for firefighter candidates!  The best part…it’s FREE!  It is, without a doubt, the best way to prepare for your civil service exam.

Here are some question types you can expect when preparing for the civil service exam..

Firefighter Math–  Whether it’s dividing and multiplying fractions and decimals, algebraic equations or the pythagorean theorem we have hours of video dedicated to walking you through basic and advanced math problems you’ll face on your tests.

Mechanical Aptitude–  Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to have awesome mechanical skills to be a good firefighter!  However, you still have to be able to pass this portion of the exam.  This video covers concepts like mechanical advantage, gears, levers, pulleys and more! And it’s all broken down…step-by-step so you can learn AND remember the concepts on your next test.

Reading Comprehension–  Nothing can kill a great score quite like wasting time reading and re-reading the same passage over and over.  This video gives you simple tips, techniques and examples of how to quickly read a passage and pull out the important information you need to know to answer the questions correctly!  It also comes with the downloadable answer guide giving you the rationale as to WHY this is the best possible answer.

Word Problems–  These questions have single handedly been responsible for the low scores and confusion of so many candidates!  In this video we break down a simple formula to break down ANY word problem to it’s essential parts and answer it in a systematic way!

Geometry–  I can all but guarantee that at some point you will be asked to find the volume or a tank, the area of a room or the perimeter of a structure!  This brings up the dreaded geometry questions.  Knowing the formulas will come second nature from this video and our simple methods for remembering which formula to use and how to get the right answer, every time!

Now, not all civil service tests are alike.  There are several companies out there that ask a variety of different questions.  However, these are subjects you are almost certain to see in any given test.

Included with each video is a downloadable PDF of questions so you can work through the problems in real time with the video.