4 Questions for Chief Todd LeDuc

As a new or aspiring firefighter one of the best (and smartest) things you can do for yourself is learn from those that have come before you. That being said, I had the privilege to speak with Chief Todd LeDuc, and ask him 4 questions that would be valuable to any rookie.

For those of you that don’t know Chief LeDuc he has more than 27 years of service and is an Assistant Fire Chief with Broward County Fire Rescue in Florida, and secretary of the IAFC (International Association of Fire Chiefs) Safety, Health & Survival section board.  Not only does he have an accomplished fire resume, but he also teaches graduate level courses at Anna Maria College. He can also be found as a regular contributor to Firehouse under LeDuc’s Look.

What would you say is the most important trait an aspiring firefighter must possess?

“I have found that you look for attitude, character and work ethic- you can train for success but if a candidate does not most a great attitude, strong character and a strong work ethic- you have to ask is that the person I want serving my community?”

A word of advice for a candidate/probie?

“Never stop learning. Learning will define not only your success and set you apart from others but in our profession may impact your survival!”

Best advice you ever received as a candidate/rookie?

“Always outwork and outstudy your competition!”

How do you define success as a fireman?

“Being the most prepared and focused on serving the community.”

Never stop learning from those that have come before you.  Especially when they have as much experience and knowledge as Chief LeDuc.