Training for the CPAT? Start here.

Training for CPAT

Becoming a firefighter is perhaps one of the most rewarding careers that anybody can have, and training for the CPAT will be one of your first steps on the journey.  It’s a profession that’s all about helping others. Whether you’re saving people trapped in a burning wreckage or extinguishing fire from a commercial building, the … Read more

What To Expect On A Firefighter Fitness Test

firefighter fitness test

There are several aspects to getting hired as a career firefighter, and unfortunately, the entry level firefighter fitness test is often overlooked. It goes without saying that firefighting is a physically demanding job and the fitness test is an important part of the hiring process. Because it is so demanding it is necessary for the … Read more

The Firefighter Hiring Process

firefighter hiring process

Firefighting is a job that requires a diverse set of skills, and the firefighter hiring process can be long, frustrating and costly. If you’ve had the experience of going through the firefighter hiring process more than once and still haven’t been hired, you know exactly what I mean. If you’re new to firefighting, it’s important … Read more