Firefighter Math [FREE Training Videos and PDF]

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Firefighter Math – FREE Training Videos and PDF’s

Geometry Problems

Typically, you can expect to see at least a few questions focused on geometry asking you to find volume, area, surface area etc.  These shouldn’t be too difficult, but in case you’re rusty use this video to refresh on the basics of geometry!

Click here do download the Geometry worksheet.

Fractions and Decimals Problems

When is the last time added or multiplied fractions?  If you’re like most firefighters it’s been a while!  Fortunately, you can use this video to go over the types of questions you can expect on your firefighter math test!  Click the link to download your worksheet…

Click here to download the Fractions and Decimals worksheet.

Proportions and Algebra Problems

If you hate algebra, you’ll fit right in with 99.99% of firefighters.  This video is pretty comprehensive on what types of questions you will see on the firefighter math test.

Click here for the Algebra and Proportions worksheet.

Word Problems

Of all the different types of math problems you will encounter, word problems are by far the most difficult!  There’s a few things you’ll want to know before jumping in to solve them to check out the video and get comfortable!

Click here for the Word Problems worksheet.